ausgefallener Ring - Syntethische Industrie- und Schmuckdiamanten

Synthetic Diamonds –
Diamonds of the Future

Modern technology for the modern generation

All of our diamonds are sustainable, ecofriendly, conflict-free and certified by the international gemological laboratory IGI.

We are now 100% sure that even the younger generation increasingly prefers synthetic diamonds because they are high-tech, beautiful, and cause neither conflict nor the death of human beings.

The best alternative to natural diamonds

It’s been proven that the characteristics of diamonds created in the laboratory are identical to those of natural diamonds extracted from the earth in their optical, physical and chemical properties. Lab-grown and mined diamonds differ only in their origin. Furthermore, many of the consequences for mankind and the environment associated with the extraction of diamonds from the Earth’s interior are either starkly reduced or completely eliminated by the production of diamonds in the lab.

Herz Diamant - Syntethische Industrie- und Schmuckdiamanten

Quality products

In many cases, synthetic diamonds are considered superior to natural diamonds from a social and ecological point of view.