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Our product story

Our company sells high-quality, nitrogren-free type IIa and IIb single crystal diamonds in various sizes for jewelry and industry. For this purpose, we’ve acquired and improved state-of-the-art equipment developed our own unique technology and hired a team of the best specialists from around the world.

Our team is convinced that technological advancement is unstoppable and constitutes the fuel that impels mankind to develop continuously.

There was once a time in which people cultivated pearls. They were considered artificial although they originated from nature and were identical to natural products—men only “tamed” the cultivation process. Who would claim today that cultivated pearls aren’t real?

ausgefallener Ring - Syntethische Industrie- und Schmuckdiamanten

Quality eco diamonds

Over 50 years ago, experts had already contemplated synthesizing diamonds. No one had imagined, however, that they would eventually be used in the jewelry industry. Since diamonds are the hardest material on earth, they can be used in many industrial areas, as well. By the end of the 20th century, the first models of jewelry pieces appeared and people have since then learned to produce diamonds of over 10 ct. with distinguished properties and manufacturing costs cheaper than those associated with mining natural stones.